Basic Facts on Windshield Repair, Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Installation

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Your windshield car glass is a vital component of your vehicle, contributing much to keeping you and your passengers safe. Because of this, you should know the basic facts about windshield repair, windshield replacement and auto glass installation.

The importance of the windshield car glass is seen in the event of vehicle collision with frontal impact or a vehicle roll-over. In such cases, the windshield car glass serves as the first line of defense for the vehicle driver and passengers. As a structural component, the windshield car glass fortifies the roof of the vehicle in order to prevent its collapse upon the driver and passengers in a roll-over. The windshield car glass also serves as the foundation for the airbags. If the windshield car glass is not installed properly, the expansion of the airbags in a frontal impact collision will force the car glass off the frame. When this happens, the airbags cannot function to protect the driver and front seat passenger. Lives may be lost.

When the vehicle first rolls off the factory line, it carries factory-installed car glass. This original car glass is considered best since auto glass installation conditions in the factory are also considered as perfect. Human error and human contamination are eliminated by automated systems and robotics. The best and most appropriate kind of car glass and car glass adhesives are used, fitting is done accurately and the proper curing period is observed. All these ensure optimum function for the original factory-installed car glass.

To keep the original factory-installed car glass as long as possible, you should promptly see to windshield repair whenever the smallest kind of damage is done to the windshield car glass. Windshield repair is also more cost effective than windshield replacement. Windshield repair is only possible for minimal damage such as minor chips, breaks or small cracks, though. Otherwise, complete windshield replacement becomes necessary.

Types of damage that require complete windshield replacement include those that run through the car glass down to its inner layers; those that contain impurities that are impossible to remove; car glass holes of more than three eights of an inch; car glass cracks that are either three or more inches long, have three or more long legs, have several intersecting edges or touch two or more edges of the windshield; and car glass stress cracks.

Since windshield replacement outside the factory is done under less than perfect conditions for auto glass installation, you should be very vigilant in ensuring that good quality car glass is used. This means either dealer glass, which is quite expensive, or the more reasonably priced original equipment manufactured distributor car glass such as, for example, Pilkington.

Aside from car glass, other aspects of the auto glass installation procedure should be monitored, as well. The proper procedure in removing the old car glass should be observed. First, the old molding and lower windshield cowl panel should be removed. The old glass should then be cut out and the old adhesive should be removed. Ensure that the technician leaves 1/16″ of the original adhesive bed, though. The technician should then prime the channel area to prevent the development of rust that could weaken the new windshield’s bonding. The appropriate adhesive should be used and the proper curing time for that adhesive should be followed strictly after the new car glass has been installed. This curing time can range from one hour to 24 hours.

You should be even more vigilant when getting mobile windshield replacement. This may be more convenient since the technician comes and does the work at your home, office or any location you choose. Make sure you are getting the services of a reputable technician, though, who uses all the proper materials and follows all the proper procedures.

Be aware of the basic facts about windshield repair, windshield replacement and auto glass installation.
as a vehicle owner and keep your vehicle safe.

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