Importance of Windshields and Proper Maintenance

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June 26, 2016
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Nowadays, windshields are made of tempered glass specially designed to prevent from temperature extremes as well as damage from road debris. Hence, this glass is able to prevent hazards and endure the elements without any problem. Many people do not realize the importance that an undamaged windshield has for safety of automobile. They simply consider features such as tires, tubes, safety belts, and airbags as fundamental to vehicles safety. However, a windshield is significant in preventing death and injury during vehicle accidents. A windshield is considered as the third most important safety feature in a vehicle after airbags and seat belts. Therefore, it is very important to take appropriate action if this glass undergoes damage.

On various occasions, a repair will be sufficient, but often the damage is too big to be repaired and one has to undergo full-scale windshield replacement. This is an unexpected expenditure that certainly puts extra constraints on your budget. Begin looking around, as there are various windshield businesses operating nowadays and many of them are prepared to be accommodating in price to retain their business.

When it comes to windshields, a repair job is always preferred, basically by insurance companies. This is especially true in the case of a small crack which can be easily repaired at minimal cost. Not only does the windshield repairing takes lesser cost and time than a complete windshield replacement but also means more environmentally-friendly solution since the damaged windshield would not end up in the landfills or junkyard.

Windshield repairs are done with the help of super strong clear epoxy which is injected directly into the damaged area. The epoxy expands to fill every portion of damage and once it is dried and polished clean, it is virtually impossible to view as to where the damage had been once. Many insurance companies cover the entire cost of windshield repair so there is no out of pocket expense to you. Most repair jobs can be done quickly and many companies even offer mobile repair service so that the job can be done without disturbing your planned schedule.

Obviously replacement jobs are more complicated and take much longer. In order to replace the entire windshield, the old windshield must be removed at first and the seals all around the windshield need to be properly examined and replaced as per the requirement. Many shops do not carry a wide variety of windshields on site and therefore, as per the model and make of your car, you may have to wait until they are able to order the best suited replacement. Once the new windshield is ready to be fixed, the technicians will clear any rubbish from the seals and replace them if needed. Then the windshield is placed and a special adhesive is used to hold it in position. This industrial adhesive must be allowed to set for a few hours and, once it has cured, the complete windshield is examined and certified as safe. The waiting time for all of this can differ widely. Sometimes it will only require few hours while other windshields need to be left to set completely for a full day.

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