Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement and the Challenges Involved

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May 2, 2016
4 Benefits of Using a Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service
May 2, 2016

Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement and the Challenges Involved

To add value to their services and attract new customers, many windshield replacement Converse companies are offering mobile windshield repair and replacement facilities. If you opt for this service, the technician from the company will come to a place that is convenient for you are repair or replace the windshield. This is convenient for people who cannot manage their day-to-day work without the aid of their car.

Like any job, being a mobile auto glass repair and replacement technician at any of the windshield replacement Converse companies comes with its own set of challenges. This article will identify some of the challenges and explain how the technicians handle them.

Public Relations

When the customer comes to the windshield replacement Converse company, there will be people who will be assigned to greet them, talk to them about the problem and assign them a technician. The mobile service technician must be adept at doing all these jobs along with repairing or replacing the windshield. There are many problems that he/she can face in such a situation. The customer might be grumpy, in a hurry, rude or bossy. While diplomatically handling the customer, the technician also has to ensure that the quality of the repair is top-class and the problem should not occur at the same spot again.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement and the Challenges Involved

Working with a Fixed Set of Tools

When the technicians are out of their service station, they will be carrying a designated set of tools. This set has been pre-determined and contain all the tools required to complete any type of job, while being portable at the same time. For a technician who is trained with the entire set of tools at his/her disposal, working with limited tools might be problematic. In some situations, the type of tool they require might not be available. Improvisation is the key to overcome this obstacle and ensure that the quality of the job done will not suffer.

Obstacles Posed by Weather

The technicians will have to work in all kinds of weather. Resins and adhesives are used extensively for windshield repair and replacement jobs. Dry and sunny weather is preferable as the adhesive or the resin will dry quickly, making the job easier. However, during wet weather conditions, the technicians will be provided with a hot air blower to dry the adhesive or the resin. The technicians should supply enough heat so that they dry properly. Supplying too much heat or too little heat will leave the adhesive or the resin raw, making the whole repair or replacement process ineffective.

Human Errors

It is human to err. There might be some mistake in the process the technicians have done. They might have left out some crucial tool or an important product while loading the truck. It happens all the time. When the technicians are working as a team in the windshield replacement Converse companies, they have each other’s back. A mistake would be identified quickly and rectified immediately. Also, they will be working in conditions which are alien to them. So, it is more than likely that a mistake might occur. When they are on mobile tasks, they will have to be extra careful to ensure that no error occurs.

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Mobile Auto Glass Repair and Replacement and the Challenges Involved

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