Salt Lake City Auto Glass Repair Cost

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June 19, 2016
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June 23, 2016

Salt Lake City Auto Glass Repair Cost

The cost associated with repairing your windshield is certainly a not fixed amount. It depends on the Salt Lake City auto glass shop you choose to visit, the severity of damage and most importantly, the type of repair that is needed.

Salt Lake City Auto Glass Repair: Average Costs

The price range depends on the following factors:

  • The type of glass you choose
  • The type of damage that needs to be fixed
  • The brand of service you decide to choose
  • The type of vehicle you have
  • The location of the crack

Due to the fact that a windshield replacement costs more than a windshield repair , Salt Lake City auto glass workers will work hard to repair your windshield as opposed to replacing it.

Replacing the rear or front auto glass is the most expensive repair.  For all vehicle types, the total costs averages at around $300.

Salt Lake City Auto Glass Replacement Costs: Back of the Windshield

The average cost to replace the back windshield starts at $100 and goes up to around $300. Despite contrary belief, replacing the back windshield is just as important as replacing the front windshield. Leaving it damaged is extremely harmful to both you and your passengers.

In Salt Lake City , thousands of accidents occur on a monthly basis. In saying that, it’s extremely imperative for you to strive to operate a vehicle that will protect you and your passengers at all times. Your vehicle cannot completely protect you from anything if your auto glass is not intact.

During rollover accidents, your back windshield prevents your passengers from being ejected. Regardless of the speed in which you are going, anybody can end up passing away once they are ejected from a moving vehicle. That being said, you should never leave a crack or chip in your windshield for too long. Take your vehicle to reputable auto glass shop as soon as possible.

Salt Lake City Auto Glass Repair Cost

Auto Glass Replacement Costs: Front of the Windshield

On average, it costs around $300 to replace the front of your windshield. If the crack is less than 24 inches in length, it can be easily repaired by an auto glass technician. Once the length of the crack exceeds 24 inches, it must be replaced.

Whether your crack is big or small, it should be taken care of by an expert. In most cases, the option to receive mobile services all day long is made available. With this service, you can avoid driving an unsafe vehicle.

Just like the back, the front windshield serves many safety purposes. It is attached to the air bag, which means, if it is damaged, there is a chance that your airbag will not deploy. This could lead to serious injury or death. In addition to this, your front windshield stops the roof of your car from collapsing on your head during rollover accidents. Rollover accidents occur over 300 times per month in the Salt Lake City area.

Below, we will highlight the average costs of a windshield replacement, depending on your vehicle.


Salt Lake City Auto Glass Replacement Costs: Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle you own has an effect on the average cost of auto glass repairs.

Vehicle Type

Average Windshield Replacement Cost

Sport utility vehicle

$165 – $290


$175 – $294

Passenger Vehicle

$158 – $325

Pickup Truck

$166 – $310

Salt Lake City Auto Glass Repair Cost

Salt Lake City Auto Glass Repair Costs: Cracks and Chips

Windshield cracks and chips are very common the Greater Salt Lake City Area. Stone chip repairs  are required when there is a scratch or crack on the surface of your auto glass. This is mainly caused when flying debris, such as rocks, hit your windshield.

A repair of this kind costs around $20-$60. The price difference is due to the type of auto glass that needs to be repaired and the size of your crack or chip. Any crack or chip that is around one to two feet in length will cost you around $60-$70 to repair. The cracks and chips that are up to one foot in length will cost you around $50-$60 to repair.

Auto Glass Repair Costs: With Insurance Coverage 

Many people are unaware of the fact that their insurance provider may be able to cover the full cost of their auto glass repairs. Ultimately, you will need to call your insurance provider in order to see if they will cover all costs for you. But, before you do that, we will help you to understand what your options are:

  • If your existing windshield needs to be replaced in Salt Lake City, your insurance provider cover will more than likely cover the cost. However, you may be required to pay some extra costs, such as, a deductible. If you have coverage, and the cost to replace your windshield is below you deductible, you will be required to pay the outstanding balance. In cases like these, people tend to pay out of pocket instead of paying through their insurance company.
  • If your existing windshield needs to be repaired, it will more than likely be free of charge.

Auto Glass Repair: Additional Costs

Sometimes, there are additional costs in which you have to pay. Certain vehicles have special moulding, and as a result, the auto glass you repair will also need special moulding in order to match the overall structural design of your vehicle. This could end up resulting in a 20% increase in costs. In addition to this, it costs around $10-$20 if you need new windshield wipers. If your auto glass was tinted , it could cost you anywhere from $99-$400.

In Conclusion

Repairing your auto glass is an investment that you will benefit from. It is imperative for you to operate a vehicle that is safe for you, the residents of Toronto and your passengers. If your auto glass is damaged, call a reputable Salt Lake City Auto Glass technician today.

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