Standards For Auto Glass Installation In Windshield Replacement

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Car glass windshield repair should always be your first option whenever your windshield car glass gets damaged. When car glass windshield repair is no longer possible though, you should never postpone car glass windshield replacement. This should be prioritized for your own safety. In addition, you should make sure that the proper standards for auto glass installation are observed during your car glass windshield replacement, even during mobile windshield replacement.

In the United States, the proper standards for auto glass installation in car glass windshield replacement developed by the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council Inc. are called the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS). These rules cover all the procedures involved in auto glass installation, as well as the use and quality of all products to be used and the level of education and training required from technicians before they are qualified to do the procedure. They also outline in detail the guidelines and steps for safe and proper auto glass installation during car glass windshield replacement.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has accredited the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council Inc. as a standards development organization, and its AGRSS is recognized as the first and, in fact, the only North American safety standard on auto glass installation. The AGRSS is touted as one of the most valuable advancements in terms of safety in the car glass industry in the previous 50 years.

The goal of the AGRSS is to make the public more aware of safety procedures in auto glass installation so that the risks of death and injury from vehicular accidents are lowered. It also hopes to upgrade the standards of professionalism for auto glass installation technicians and other participants in the auto glass installation industry.

According to the AGRSS, auto glass installation technicians should assess a vehicle before windshield replacement to ensure that there are no conditions which may compromise the car glass bonding to be done. If any contrary conditions are present, this should first be resolved before proceeding with the auto glass installation.

The AGRSS requires that replacement car glass abides by original equipment specifications. A brand like Pilkington, for example, meets such standards.

The AGRSS also requires that only adhesives specified by the original equipment manufacturer are used, and that these should not be expired. The adhesives should have been stored under the required conditions of the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s instructions on proper application should be followed accurately and environmental conditions during application should be according to temperature and humidity requirements. These are all crucial to the proper bonding of the new car glass.

If the adhesive requires a specified drying time before the vehicle can be driven off, this should be complied with. It is the responsibility of the technicians to inform the vehicle owner and driver of this. If the weather is adverse, special instructions from the adhesive manufacturer should be obeyed.

No chemical agents or installation methods contrary to proper car glass retention should be used. This includes lubricants, solvents, cleaners and release agents.

Technicians are further instructed by the AGRSS to seek out any previously installed materials in the vehicles that could prevent proper car glass bonding and retention. Vehicle owners should be alerted to the presence of such materials which should first be removed and replaced with recommended materials before auto glass installation can proceed.

Finally, technicians themselves should first go through a complete training and education program on proper auto glass installation before they can be qualified for the job.

Each time you need to have car glass windshield replacement, you should not settle for anything less than getting a service provider that strictly observes the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards or AGRSS in auto glass installation.

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