Top Causes of Windshield Rock Chips in Salt Lake City

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July 8, 2016
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Top Causes of Windshield Rock Chips in Salt Lake City

Flying Rocks

Roads are covered with bits of gravel and rocks, and sometimes a car near yours can hit a rock in a way that causes it to fly and hit your windshield. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not impossible or even expensive to fix. Most small windshield chips cost less than $100 to repair, and you may get a discounted rate if you’re fixing multiple chips at one time.

Flying Debris

You’ve likely been behind an 18-wheeler carrying wood chips, gravel, or other mischievous bits of debris. There’s no way the driver can completely secure his cargo, and there is the chance some could slip out and damage your windshield. The best thing to do is not curse the driver, but schedule an appointment with a windshield chip repair company to see if you can get fast and easy repair.

Top Causes of Windshield Rock Chips in Salt Lake City

Storm Damage

Even if you don’t live in Kansas, your car is susceptible to thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. That means branches, rocks, and hail may be launched at your windshield at fast speeds. If you are able to keep your car in the garage or under covered shelter during a storm, this may prevent any need for windshield crack repair down the road. If you do get damage, check with your insurance company to see if they will pay all or part of your windshield repair expenses.

Further Damage from Previous Chip or Crack

Sometimes, you may have experienced more damage from a rock chip or small crack than you at first realized. You should examine your windshield after driving on a highway or where debris may have hit your windshield to find any tiny chips or cracks that could potentially cause costly damage down the road. Not repairing a chipped window soon enough is the number one reason people have to have complete windshield replacement, and if you can prevent this unnecessary expense, you should take the precautions to do so. Make it part of your monthly maintenance (when you check your oil and tire pressure) to examine your windshield for damage.

While the only way to keep your car 100 percent safe from windshield chip damages is to keep it locked away, this isn’t the kind of solution that works in the real world. However, by assessing damages now and taking proactive steps to repair them, your windshield chips don’t have to be a hassle.

Top Causes of Windshield Rock Chips in Salt Lake City

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